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  1. O'Hara, S. B. (1)
  2. O'Neill's office, U.S. Capitol (1)
  3. Oak Hill Ave. and East 13th St., Lawrence, Kansas (1)
  4. Oak Hill Cemetery (2)
  5. Oak Hill Cemetery, 1605 Oak Hill Ave. (intersection at East Thirteenth St.) In this 1895 photo by E.S. Tucker, the entry to the cemetery remains unchanged from the present times. Section 5, where graves of Langston Hughes's grandparents are located, is to the right-hand side, toward the back (eastern) edge of the cemetery. The cemetery was founded in 1865 and expanded in 1876. It replaced Pioneer Cemetery (University of Kansas West Campus). Most of the 1863 Quantrill's Raid victims were reburied here. A monument to them is in section 3. (1)
  6. Oak Hill Cemetery, 1605 Oak Hill Ave., section 5. The small, ground-level stones at the left mark graves of Charles and Mary Langston, grandparents of Langston Hughes. Next to them are unmarked graves of their son Nathaniel Turner Langston (1870-1897) and Charles's son Desalines W. Langston, buried on October 30, 1931. Syble Langston, Nathaniel's daughter, according to county records, was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in 1893, either here with the Langston's or with the mothers family, the Greggs. The tilted stone in the right foreground is that of Rev. W. Mercer, pastor of the Warren (9th) St. Baptist Church from 1865 to 1885, during the lives of the Langston's. (1)
  7. Oak Hill Cemetery, Henry Copeland Gravestone The name H.E. Copeland, is engraved on the tree side of the white gravestone. Abolitionist Henry Copeland's brother John was hanged with John Brown in Virginia. Henry was a nephew of Mary Langston's first husband Lewis Leary. He served as a first sergeant in the Colored Douglas Independent Battery. He also served with the U.S. Colored Light Artillery. After the Civil War, Copeland lived in Lawrence and worked as a carpenter until he died in 1895. He married Libby Miner on June 19, 1866, in Douglas County. He would have been a peer of Charles and Mary Langston. (1)
  8. Oak-hickory Forest (9)
  9. oatesii (3)
  10. obesula (1)
  11. obiensis (2)
  12. obscura (3)
  13. obscurus (1)
  14. obsoleta (2)
  15. occidentalis (5)
  16. occipitali (1)
  17. Occipitalis (1)
  18. occipitalis (4)
  19. Oceanodroma (1)
  20. ocellata (1)
  21. ocellatum (1)