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  1. Inscriptions: Inouye, D.; Dole, Elizabeth Hanford; Dole, Robert J. (1)
  2. Inscriptions: Italy, Germany, Greece 1967 (1)
  3. Inscriptions: Jayhawk Hotel, Tues Nov 5, 1968, Victory Celebration (1)
  4. Inscriptions: l to r foreground: Dole, R.J.; -; Warner, J.; Simpson, A. (1)
  5. Inscriptions: l to r: Dole, R. J.; Nixon, R. (1)
  6. Inscriptions: l to r: Dole, R. J.; Tondi, M. (1)
  7. Inscriptions: list names (1)
  8. Inscriptions: Man of action Bob Dole; Concordia, KS; April 15, '67; [American] Legion Convention (1)
  9. Inscriptions: Meeting with farmers '79 (1)
  10. Inscriptions: Meeting with Jim Baker, Darman, Michel, Simpson, Lott, Duncan, and Packwood (1)
  11. Inscriptions: On Front of photo: To Bob- Best wishes always, George Bush (1)
  12. Inscriptions: Phnom Penh, Vietnam (1)
  13. Inscriptions: Photo by: Lillian M. O'Connell. All rights reserved. 1977; Dole, Robert J., Humphrey, Hubert, Sen. Randolph, Jennings (1)
  14. Inscriptions: President Reagan watches as Senator Dole announces support for "INF" Nuclear Arms Reducation Treaty- White House Jan 1988? (1)
  15. Inscriptions: Republicans and Democrats annual baseball game; William Avery, Joe Skubitz, Senators player, Don Lock (1)
  16. Inscriptions: right: Dr. Glen C. Hutchison- Hays, Kansas Chairman. College of Emporia. Board of Trustees. Left: Sen. Robert Dole; Emporia College Commencement; May 19, 1973 (1)
  17. Inscriptions: RJD, 3rd from right, top of Empire State Building (1)
  18. Inscriptions: Robert J. Dole at Grand Andicut Dam in Tanjre District, Madras State. The congressman is wearing red and white roses presented to him by local officials. (1)
  19. Inscriptions: Russell County officers take oath of office 10 Jan 1955 Judge J.C. Ruppenthal, Bob second from right back row (1)
  20. Inscriptions: Russell, August 20, 1976 (1)