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  1. Don Lock (1)
  2. Donald Lee Nickles (2)
  3. Doniphan (218)
  4. Doniphan County (1)
  5. Doniphan County, Kansas (1)
  6. Doniphan, 2.5 mi NW. Mormon Island Crane Meadow. (1)
  7. Doran Dole (2)
  8. Dorchester quadrangle (1)
  9. Dorothy Jacobson (1)
  10. Double Hill: Perry (1)
  11. Double-pitted sandstone cobble; roughly discoidal, badly fractured & battered; yellow-brown; surface is pecked, including 2 shallow depressions on each side of stone (2)
  12. Doughboy quadrangle (1)
  13. Dougherty graduated from Russell High School in 1988 and the University of Kansas in 1993 (1)
  14. Douglas (26)
  15. Douglas County Court House, 1100 Massachusetts St. (1904) Langston Hughes's mother Carrie Langston Hughes worked for Douglas County as a Deputy District Court Clerk in 1896, after she graduated from Emporia Normal School. Her employer was African American Sherman Harvey, the County Clerk. However, the office was housed in another building at the time. This 1904 building houses Douglas County offices. Langston Hughes, born in 1902, would have known this courthouse building when he was a child. John G. Haskell, brother of the senator Dudley, designed the building with Frederick C. Gunn. The building is Romanesque Revival architectural style. Native limestone blocks are the main building material. It typifies Haskell's style as seen in several buildings throughout town. (1)
  16. Douglas County Courthouse (1)
  17. Douglas County: Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas (KS) (4)
  18. Down By the River (1)
  19. downtown (19)
  20. Downtown Airport, view of Kansas City, Missouri skyline (1)