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  1. A 1986 reprint of a 1976 photo (1)
  2. A collection of curious travels and voyages. In two parts. The first containing Dr. Leonhart Rauwolff's itinerary into the eastern countries; ... Translated ... by Nicholas Staphorst. The second taking in many parts of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, ... The second edition. Publish'd by Mr. John Ray. (27)
  3. A Collection of original voyages ... illustrated with several maps and draughts / published by Capt. William Hacke. (5)
  4. A treatise on the culture of the vine, exhibiting new and advantageous methods of propagating, cultivating, and training that plant, so as to render it abundantly fruitful. Together with new hints on the formation of vineyards in England. By William Speechly, ... (17)
  5. A voyage into the Levant: perform'd by command of the late French King. Containing the ancient and modern state of the islands of the Archipelago; ... With plans of the principal towns ... Illustrated with full descriptions and curious copper-plates ... By M. Tournefort, ... To which is prefix'd, the author's life, ... In three volumes (11)
  6. A Wet Sod Day (1)
  7. A' spese dell'autor (2)
  8. A.E. Johnson (9)
  9. Abandoned building and junk yard (1)
  10. Abandoned urban reservoir near Cliff Drive (1)
  11. Abilene quadrangle (5)
  12. About to Bud (1)
  13. above Flaggy ls (4)
  14. Above the Burn (1)
  15. Abrader (25)
  16. Abronia (2)
  17. Abronia fragrans Nutt. ex Hook. (2)
  18. Abstract cross hatching with incised line below; brown exterior, dark brown to brown inteiror; sharp angle between rim and body; grit tempered (1)
  19. Abstracted cross hatching and incised lines at rim; dark brown-black exterior, black interior; grit tempered (1)
  20. Abstracted cross hatching at rim with punctates and perforation below; dark brown exterior and interior; grit tempered (1)
  21. Abstracted cross hatching at rim with punctates below; orange-tan exterior, brown interior; grit tempered (1)